Thursday, September 17, 2009

music/software piracy

I guess i don't really know how prevalent music piracy is. I've never illegally downloaded anything. or, at least i don't think i have. but i know its happening.I think kids my age think that since so many people illegally download music or software, no one will find out if they do. i guess maybe that's the difference between downloading it and downloading it and selling it. i also think kids my age think since they re not eighteen, not adults, their in the safe zone. they cant get into real trouble. i think its wrong because the people who create the music or software aren't getting recognized for it, or earning money for it. like iTunes is legal, because of the artists consent and profit. I'm not really sure how you could prevent it. there's always people who break the law and get away with it and i think a lot of people are getting away with piracy. i think it takes a lesson learned, and hopefully someday they'll get there's.

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