Friday, December 4, 2009

First I read Victoria's blog. I learned how they make commercials for Snuggies. She had some good insight such as "Then, they have to film people struggling with blankets, in black and white. Somehow, in black and white it shows how bad things usually are. I'm not exactly sure why because black and white movies seem perfectly happy to me". It made me laugh quite a lot. I also learned she thinks instead of trying to improve iPhone apps and iPods, we should be trying to improve cars to be more energy efficient and better for the environment. She thinks that if MySpace was a country, it would be the largest. I would say that Facebook is beating MySpace out. Next, I read Carey's. Apparently scientist had almost reached absolute zero, though I'm not quite sure what that means. He also thinks scientist should make dome things and sooner or later, people will be living on the moon. Lastly, I read Lucas'. His title was "Internet poop" and he doesn't use Facebook Myspace or YouTube. I'm assuming he thinks those things are poop. He is "a proud advocate for proper speech". I think in terms of technology, people have a lot of different opinions, like whether money should be put into greenhouses for the moon, or energy-efficient cars. I don't agree that Facebook is "poop" because it helps me keep in touchw ith family memebers that I don't get to see that often, and i suppose you could aargue that I should just get on the phone, but i think that's a different kind of communication, and having different forms of it is good.