Thursday, September 10, 2009

Changing Technology

If I could change any technology in the world, it would be computers. We would get rid of the keyboard and mouse. Instead, a wire would go into your ear like a head phone, and your computer would do whatever you think. So if you thought, open the Internet, computer, the Internet would open! And if you thought, open Word, it would open Word, and you would just think of what you want to type, and it would show up on the screen. This would make things really efficient for people, but you’d have to be careful because if you thought two things at once like, I need the internet, but at the same time, I should go to Word, the computer would get all slow and frozen trying to figure out what you want. It would be easier for people who are bad at typing, like me, and we would be rid of those pesky mice forever. I think this would be extremely exciting, but I'd defiantly have to collaborate with some people to make it happen, because I have no computer smarts. I would also put in the option for a microphone, instead of earphone, so you could just speak to the computer. I think some people would like this better, and it would be really cool, like how Tony Stark talks to his computer in Iron Man. So you could just say what you wanted done. That would be pretty cool.

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