Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things I Would Teach my Parents about Technology

I figured I would start this question out by asking my mom. She said that she doesn't know how to hook the camera up to the computer and download pictures and send them to people. That would be pretty easy to teach her, I do that all the time. I think it would be really fun to show her how to use GIMP, because that was my favorite program to work with in technology class. It would be fun to have her re-create the Mel's logo. Also, she could use it to make posters and hand-outs for the bowling alley. Instead of hiring someone to design things, she could try to design it herself. I don't think there is much I could teach my dad. He's pretty good with computers. So is my brother. Also,my grandpa. He used to work at IBM . My sisters is okay at computers. I think I know how to use GIMP,and my parents don't. Also,I'm learning Access, which I don't think my parents know either. That could make their lives easier. Instead of having to scroll through a list of their registered league bowlers, they could to select,from,categories to get a certain group of people. Maybe I'll show my mom how to use it.